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Dynamic Mapping of Secondary Cities Symposium

June 14, 2016 to June 15, 2016
Location  CGIS South Building

Symposium Program (updated on 6/10/2016)

Keynote Addresses:

Open Algorithms, Open Data: Toward Continuous Mapping of Sustainable Development
Alex (Sandy) Pentland, MIT
June 14, 2016 1:15-1:45pm

The Challenge of Mapping Human Geography Data in the Urban Milieu
Lee Schwartz, Director of Office of the Geographer, Department of State
June 15, 2016 9:10-9:40am

Secondary Cities in the developing world are rapidly growing urban areas that are regional hubs for commerce, services, and governance in developing countries that often do not have adequate planning mechanisms for future development and growth. This symposium will focus on the foremost data collection tools and technologies used to map urbanization in such cities. It is part of the Secondary Cities initiative, a global collaboration of universities and organizations supported by the Humanitarian Information Unit of the Office of the Geographer of the State Department.

The aim of the symposium is to bring together organizations and individuals involved in innovative mapping activities and solutions for emergency preparedness, resiliency planning, and urban sustainability.  The symposium will open with a half-day session to provide a hands-on venue to explore and assess online, open sources tools for mapping and creating geospatial data for cities.  The 2nd day is a full day with sessions including:  1) Secondary Cities overview; 2) case studies of dynamic city data collection; 3) interactive assessment session of tools as linked to emergency preparedness, resiliency planning, and urban sustainability; 4) solutions/lessons learned. The product from this symposium will be a white paper on dynamic tools as well as a position paper on how dynamic mapping is achieved in Secondary Cities.

This event is free and open to the public.


Symposium Videos

Day 1 - June 14, 2016

Welcome Address

  • Jason Ur (Harvard University)  Video

Dynamic Mapping of Secondary Cities: An Introduction to Tools & Technologies

  • Melinda Laituri (Colorado State University)  Video | Slides

Keynote Address: Open Algorithms, Open Data: Toward Continuous Mapping of Sustainable Development

  • Sandy Pentland (MIT)   Video

ikeGPS Spike Intro & Demo   Video | Slides

  • James Pardue (IkeGPS)  

CartoDB Intro & Demo  Video

  • Jeff Ferzoco (CartoDB)  

GeoNode Intro & Demo    Video

  • Cristiano Giovando (World Bank) & Paolo Corti (Harvard University)   

KoBo ToolBox Intro & Demo  Video

  • Patrick Vinck (Harvard University)

ArcGIS Online, Story Map & Survey 123 Intro & Demo  Video | Slides

  • Courtney Claessens (Esri)

Geographic Futures Intro & Demo  Video | Slides

  • Mitchell Sipus (White House Presidential Innovation Fellow)

WorldMap Intro & Demo  Video

  • Ben Lewis (Harvard University)

Field Papers Intro & Demo  Video

  • Eric Rodenbeck (Stamen)


Day 2 - June 15, 2016

Overview & Orientation

  • Melinda Laituri (Colorado State University)   Video

Keynote Address: The Challenge of Mapping Human Geography Data in the Urban Milieu

  • Lee Schwartz, Geographer of the United States Director, Office of the Geographer  Video | Slides

Panel I: Why Dynamic Mapping in Secondary Cities?

  • Mark Montgomery (Stony Brook University) (Slides), Phil Yang (George Mason University) (Slides), Keith Clarke (University of California-SB) (Slides)   Video

Panel II: Case Studies on Dynamic Data Collection and Mapping Projects for Urban Developing


  • Reinhard Goethart (MIT) (Slides), Gabriel Moreno (Harvard University) (Slides), Kellie Stokes (Yale University) (Slides), Kirstin Miller (Ecocity Builders) (Slides)   Video

Tool & Technologies Applied to Humanitarian Aid

  • Nathaniel Raymond (HHI, Harvard University)  Video

Citizen Participation and GIS Use in Urban India

  • Rina Ghose (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Video

The Use of Smartphones for Dynamic Mapping and Planning of Transit Systems in Africa

  • Zachary Patterson (Concordia University, Canada)  Video | Slides

Panel III: Solutions, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps for Secondary Cities

  • Rina Ghose (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Zachary Patterson (Concordia University, Canada), Nathaniel Raymond (HHI, Harvard University)   Video