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Devika Kakkar

Geospatial Developer

Devika is a geospatial developer at CGA. She is proficient in multiple programming languages such as Python, R, Java and C/C++. Since joining, she has worked on various projects that involved big data such as "Billion Object Platform" (BOP), a platform to support interactive exploration of billions of spatio-temporal objects and "National Water Model Prediction Analysis", which uses GPU-powered MapD database to interactively analyze big spatial data. She has developed a highly efficient Twitter Sentiment Classifier for the BOP project using latest machine learning techniques and tools such as Support Vector Machines(SVMs), scikit-learn and NLTK. An experienced user of cloud computing, she has worked with AWS and Massachusetts Open cloud (MOC). Additionally, she is proficient in various state-of-the-art technologies such as Kafka, Docker/ Kontena, OpenStack, Pandas and PostGIS. 

Email  kakkar [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu