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George Planansky

CGA Associate

Dec 2011 - Nov 2014

George has a background in earth and  planetary sciences, computer science, I.T. systems,  and scientific programming, in academia and industry. He is interested in using geographical ontologies with other knowledge domains for geospatial analysis and web services. In the past, George's work is in the domain of Earth and Planetary Observation Geosciences/Geospatial (EPOGEO) analysis, writ large. He enjoys building high performance computing and visualization (HPC/HPV) systems, EPOGEO workflow clusters, as components of integrated research and instructional computing facilities. George's primary responsibilities at EPS are the SGER computer cluster and geophysics, geospatial dataset analysis tools, workflows; the Harvard/SGER EPOGEO Visualization Facility; and the department's Instructional Computing Facility (ICF) and Research Computing Common (RCC). He also provides instructional and research GIS facility and geospatial database support for Anthropology/Archaeology.

Email  george [dot] planansky [at] gmail [dot] com