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The Billion Object Platform (BOP): a system to lower barriers to support big, streaming, spatio-temporal data sources

With funding from the Sloan Foundation and Harvard Dataverse, the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) has developed a big spatio-temporal data visualization platform called the Billion Object Platform or "BOP". The goal of the project is to lower barriers for scholars who wish to access large, streaming, spatio-temporal datasets. Since once archived, streaming data gets big fast, and since most GIS systems don't support interactive visualization of millions of objects, a new platform was needed. The core of the BOP is Apache Solr.  Some significant enhancements were made to Solr, notably 2D "heatmap faceting" to support spatial visualization.

Publication Date  July, 2017
Author(s)  Devika Kakkar, Ben Lewis, David Smiley, Ariel Nunez
Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference Proceedings
Publication type  Articles