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March 2018

CGA Newsletter March 2018 PDF (Download)

A Monthly Publication of the CGA at Harvard University March 2018


ESRI will hold two recruiting events at Harvard in March, 2018.

  • Thursday, March 22nd: Networking Session at CGIS South S030, 1-4:30pm
  • Friday, March 23rd: GSD Career Fair, Gund Hall, 10am-4:00pm

For More Information.

ESRI Demographic Datasets 2017 Update, are now available for use in the HMDC Computer Lab. For more information about the datasets visit this webpage

Geography Colloquium, Mar 15th, 2018: Missing Unit Problem in Population Health (and Social Science) Research Presenters: Rockli Kim, and S. V. Subramanian details and abstract

CGA 2018 conference keynote speakers announced

For Details and Registration.

GIS Institute Summer 2018 application deadline on March 16th

For Details and Application.

Both the 2018 Fisher Prize for excellence in GIS and the ESRI EDC Student of the Year Award are open for applications from Harvard students.

Read more about applying for both prizes.


On Foot in the Path of the Silk Road
is a new Story Map describing the continuing journey of Paul Salopek, as he continues his seven year "slow journalism" trek around the world.
Explore the Story Map

CGA's Jeff Blossom provides support for Out of Eden Walk's GPS mapping and Cartography.


"Estimating the Spatial Distribution of Crime Events around a Football Stadium from Georeferenced Tweets"

Authors: Alina Ristea, Justin Kurland, Bernd Resch (Univ Salzburg), Michael Leitner, Chad Langford

Published by: ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. February 2018, 7, 43; doi:10.3390/ijgi7020043

Full Text Online

"Island Formation Resulting From Radially Symmetric Flow Expansion"

Authors: John B. Shaw (Harvard EPS), Kimberly Miller, Brandon McElroy

Published by: ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. February 2018, 7, 43; doi:10.3390/ijgi7020043

Full Text Online


Call for Papers: Site Magazine: Foundations and Disruptions (Digitization of Urban Space) Deadline for submissions: 1 Apr 2018 Read more

Call for Papers: 1st Intl Workshop on Spatial Language Understanding (June 6 2018) New Orleans, LA Deadline for submissions: 15 Apr 2018 Read more

Call for Posters: GeoEd Conference, June 4-8th, 2018, Louisville, KY Invites Undergraduates to enter the 2018 Geospatial Technology Skills Competition. Winners will be awarded registration, travel, and accomodation expenses to attend GeoEd 2018. Deadline for Poster Submissions: 20th Apr 2018 Read more

Call for Papers: Digital Heritage 2018 (26-30 Oct 2018) San Francisco, CA Deadline for submissions: 15 Apr 2018 (Sessions), 20 Apr 2018 (Papers) Read more

Call for Papers: FOSS4G Asia (Dec 2-5 2018) Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Deadline for submissions: 1 May 2018 Read more

Job: Fellowship Programs at AZAVEA Philadelphia, PA. Paid 12 week Fellowships. [Closing Date: 11 Mar 2018] Read more

Job: Spatial Data Architect Smith College, Northampton, MA [Closing Date: Mar 30, 2018] Read more


DataShine, Big Open Data Mining and Synthesis [UCL London]

Court ordered redistricting in Pennsylvania: before and after maps [NYTimes]

Billions of Birds Migrate: Where do they go? [National Geographic]

20 Years of Global Hi and Low Temperatures, Map Animation [Flourish]

Press Release (Mar 7 2018) German consortium launches BigDataCube for petabyte spatio-temporal earth observation data using rasdaman [DirectionsMag]

Geography of the Italian Election Results [Corriere della Sera]

Mapping the Restaurants of NYC with Sanitation Inspection Data [Will Su, Mapbox]

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