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Enabling Spatiotemporal Analysis and Visualization of Air Pollution in China and India

Author(s)  Merrick Lex Berman, Devika Kakkar, Wendy Guan, and Fei Carnes
August, 2017

This paper presents the preliminary achievements of an on-going effort to develop a free archive of ground-based air pollution data collected from real-time monitoring stations in China and India.

Putting the Geographic in GIS

Author(s)  Wendy Guan
November, 2016

Implementing an Open Source Spatiotemporal Search Platform for Spatial Data Infrastructures

Author(s)  Ben Lewis, Paolo Corti, Athanasios Tom Kralidis, Ntabathia Jude Mwenda
October, 2016

Building an Open Source, Real-Time, Billion Object Spatio-Temporal Search Plaform

Author(s)  Benjamin Lewis, David Strohschein, Paolo Corti, David Smiley
July, 2016

This project addresses the need to manage real-time streaming flows of Big-Data, and presents a method for storing, indexing, visualizing and querying a test dataset of archived Geo-tweets.  The  Billion Object Platform(BOP) provides a client and API to browse and search the latest 1 billion geot

GeoNode Intro & Demo

Author(s)  Cristiano Giovando and Paolo Corti
June, 2016

An introduction to the GeoNode geospatial data system.  Presented at the Secondary Cities Symposium, Harvard University.   

Geospatial Technologies for Teaching

Author(s)  Jeff Blossom, Giovanni Zambotti, Dave Strohschein, Paolo Corti
April, 2016

Presentation by the CGA to the ABCD Technology in Education Working Group.

Modeling the Spatiotemporal Distribution of Agricultural-Feasible Land in China

Author(s)  Wendy Guan, Kang Wu and Fei Carnes
April, 2016

Introduction to GIS and the CGA to the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Author(s)  Jeff Blossom
September, 2015

This presentation introduces the basic concepts of GIS and how to use it, services offered by the CGA, and past projects performed for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and in the Middle Eastern part of the world.

Visualizing Human Migration through Space and Time

Author(s)  Giovanni Zambotti, Weihe Wendy Guan, Justin Gest
July, 2015

Oral presentation on the 1st International Symposium on Spatiotemporal Computing, Fairfax, Virginia., July 13-15, 2015.


Investigating Hadoop for Large Spatiotemporal Processing Tasks

Author(s)  David Strohschein, Stephen Mcdonald, Benjamin Lewis and Wendy Guan
April, 2015

MapReduce-type approaches using Hadoop have been explored for solving sets of computational problems that were previously too large for traditional GIS systems to handle. Three cases are introduced in this study to demonstrate the implementation of this approach.

NACIS 2014 Conference Report

Author(s)  Jeff Blossom
October, 2014

The 2014 North American Cartographic Information Society conference was held October 8-11 in Pittsburgh.  Jeff Blossom attended, and presented “1 Minute to 100,000 Years: Mapping The Out of Eden Walk Project”.