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Esri Development Center Student of the Year Award 2018

Brian Ho

Title: Making a New City Image … or, an Eye for AI.

Judges comments:  "An exceptionally robust project all the way through from the instrumentation and field collection to the computation and visualization."

"A successful combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies resulting in a unique perspective from which to observe, analyze, and better understand urban environments."

Making a New City Image seeks to define a new mode of geographic analysis, based on novel techniques for street-level sensing, computer vision and deep learning.  This mode of analysis attempts to address the challenge of the plan perspective in cities: the fact that the view from above does not match the view from the ground. Can we find a way to capture the street-level perspective, texture and detail of cities in a new kind of “map,” which preserves the scale and scope of the view from above?  Can we leverage new technology — computer vision, deep learning, sensor systems — to unite the view from above and the view from the ground?

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