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GIS Technical Assistant wanted for Spring 2018 Course Support

GIS Technical Assistant for Spring Course
 Wanted: GIS-savvy technical assistant for Spring extension course on Sustainable Tourism (HDCE ENVR E-118B).
 Requires basic competence with ArcInfo or QGIS.
 Import, edit and display maps/databases, perform basic analyses (overlay, select, buffer, recode, etc)
 Some intial work during November and December (before / after Exams) (10-20 hours?);
 Intensive work in January 2018 ( 40-80 hrs? ) in preparation for Jan 23 class start;
 Ongoing support (2-4 hrs / wk?) through March 2018.
 Work arrangements flexible. Hourly rate to be discussed.
 Please contact Stephen Ervin directly,

Closing Date  Friday, November 17, 2017