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CGA Staff share experience and knowledge about geospatial technology and its applications.

ESRI Dev Summit 2016 - Conference Notes

ESRI Dev Summit 2016 (March 8 – 11) by Giovanni Zambotti

Creating an Interactive Story Map that contains narrated, geotagged photos, and a GPS track

Displaying photos at the location of capture with narrative text on an interactive map is a powerful way to tell a story, or communicate a specific topic.

Installing ArcGIS Desktop on Mac

To run ArcGIS 10.x on an Apple Macintosh computer, the Mac must be set up to run Windows.  There are severals ways to do this, but they require one of two installation options.

How to authorize ArcGIS for Desktop license on disconnected computers

For computers which can't be connected to the Internet at all, authorizing ArcGIS for Desktop license involves the following steps:

FOSS4G Europe 2015 in Como, Italy

FOSS4G Europe 2015
Politecnico di Milano, Como, Italy
July 14-17, 2015

[meeting notes by Dave Strohschein]

How to Get License from Harvard Site License Servers When Connecting through VPN

If you are getting the following error message when connecting though VPN - "The license server manager has not been started yet, the wrong port @ host or license file is being used, or the port or hostname in the license file has been changed."

Mapathon for Nepal

Although organized with short notice and during the height of second semester finals period, the Mapathon for Nepal was largely successful in introducing students, staff, and affiliates from across Boston to the

Moving Historical Geodata to the Web

Moving Historical Geodata to the Web
The New York Public Library
Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
November 5-7, 2014

[meeting notes by Lex Berman]