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CGA Web Maps

The CGA has developed several interactive web mapping sites for specific projects. The websites described and listed below can also be viewed by the general public.   You can also browse the index page of our webmaps server for convenience:

Increasingly International Harvard: 1991-2010

Increasingly International Harvard: 1991-2010 is a web mapping prototype to display over time the increase of Harvard International student from 1991-2010 by school. The application is built using Google Map API and Google Fusion Table.

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations (DARMC)

The Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (DARMC) makes freely available on the internet the best available materials for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) approach to mapping and spatial analysis of the Roman and medieval worlds.

US Emergency Departments

US Emergency Departments — was created using the National ED Inventory-USA, a comprehensive database consisting of all non-specialty EDs. Users can select  options on the right to view different aspects of US emergency care. The web map was built using Google Map API and Google Fusion Table.

Rwanda Genocide Memorials

Professor Jens Meierhenrich of Harvard’s Department of Government, in cooperation with CGA, launched an interactive website in support of a multi-year project on genocide memorials in Rwanda. By showcasing original geographic, ideographic, and photographic data collected in the field, the website provides a fascinating glimpse into the ongoing project, and affords a heretofore unavailable, GIS-aided perspective on the spatial dimensions of memory in the wake of collective violence.

Geographic Location Finder

Click, drag, and drop the red marker on any location. The updated latitude, longitude coordinates of its location are displayed.

Surgical Safety Web Map

CGA created a web map for the Harvard School of Public Health researcher team led by Dr. Atul Gawande involved with the World Health Organization "Safe Surgery Saves Lives" challenge. The goal of this challenge is to improve the safety of surgery around the world by defining a core set of safety standards that can be applied in all WHO member countries. The web map is a Google mashup, featuring participating organizations, hospitals, a global surgical rate map, and more.

G. W. Skinner Maps

Selected datasets from G. W. Skinner's regional systems analysis of China and Japan are available for browsing online, using the CGA Worldmap Platform.   See also the permanent Data Repository and the documention website.

China Historical GIS (CHGIS)

The CHGIS project has produced a comprehensive series of datasets related to the administrative geography of Chinese History. The data layers include nationwide coverages (for the years 1820 and 1911), and time series (for the Dynastic period from 221 BCE to 1911 CE). The administrative features include Provinces, Circuits, Prefectures, and Counties as they changed over time. Supplemental datasets include G.W. Skinner regional systems, Buddhist sites, features from historic Russian maps of China, Tibetan townships, modern gazetteer layers for each province, and many others.


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