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Mapping and Analysis for the Milwaukee Area Renters Study

The Milwaukee Area Renters Study led by principal investigator Matthew Desmond, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Studies at Harvard, collects survey data on ~1,000 people renting property.  Detailed demographic information and details on housing conditions, tenant behavior, landlord policies and more are collected and analyzed.  CGA has made many maps and analyses for this project.

1st map below: Study subject’s were asked to define their perceived neighborhood borders.  These were mapped, and areas calculated for analysis.

2nd map below:  Nuisance property citations (a property that has 3 or more calls for police service in a 30 day period) per block group correlate to black population.

More on the study:

View the Harvard Magazine article on this project, and a related New York Times article (Google or NYT login required).

School  GSAS
Client  Matthew Desmond