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Mapping for the Out of Eden Walk project

Writer Paul Salopek is walking the path of human migration from Africa to the tip of South America, and writing stories along the way, as part of a 7 year journalism project.  The CGA is making maps for Paul as he travels this route.

Map 1: Shows exposed sea beds at the human migration started, and the rough path humans took.

Map 2: uses Fuller projection and spectral coloring scheme to illustrate distance traveled and time required for humans to travel this path.

Map 3: Thematic map of elevation to illustrate the undulating nature of the first leg of the walk.

Map 4: Interactive web map of ancient Islamic pilgrimage routes to Mecca.

Visit the Out of Eden Walk Map Room to see the latest maps.

Grant Funding  Funded by the Knight Foundation and the National Geographic Society
Client  Paul Salopek