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Surgical Safety Web Map

A web map was created to aid the dissemenation of the Surgical Safety Checklist.  The Surgical Safety team used the map to display participating hospital locations, and upload new hospital information and locations.

Global Data Harmonization

For research about changes in the natural environment’s effect on international conflict, we created a global framework with which hazard value rasters could be mapped in a per-country basis.

Map Creation for Harvard Kennedy School Case

Map creation for multimedia case study on the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Increasingly International Harvard: 1991-2010

This is a web mapping prototype to display over time the increase of Harvard International student from 1991-2010 by school. The application is built using Google Map API and Google Fusion Table.

Great circle distance and route calculations

Great circle routes and distances were calculated from Boston to various cities.

Border Crossing Analysis

International border crossings per country were calculated using world highways and county boundary layers for a human trafficking study.

Historical Country Boundaries

Historical map images of world boundaries each decade from 1940 – 2000 were downloaded from Wikipedia, vectorized into shapefile format, and attributed with country names.


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