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Global Spatio-Temporal Search: NEH Funded Enhancements to WorldMap

Though millions of geo-service layers exist just a click away, there is no good way to discover most of them. In the early days of the web it was hard to find a web page; this situation holds today for most geo-data.

With a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the CGA is building a platform to create, maintain, and deploy a global public registry of web map services, and has developed a new visual interface to support searches by time and space.  The technology can scale to millions, even billions of objects.

Mapping Basic Education and Equity in Cameroon

Two weeks of training on GIS, map creation, GPS, spatial thinking, and data manipulation was provided to two members of the Cameroon Ministry of Basic Education, and one UNICEF member.  Dozens of choropleth maps were created, and uploaded to WorldMap along with other geographic data for Cameroon.

Mapping Fracking Workshop taught for Harvard School of Public Health

The CGA taught a 2.5 day workshop on various ways to use GIS and mapping to help understand the effects of fracking on the environment and humans.  Organized in conjunction with the HSPH, the workshop attendees included researchers and policy makers from across the U.S.

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