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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online allows any Harvard affiliate to:

  • Create interactive maps and apps and share them easily with the public (blogs, social media posts, etc.), or a private group quickly and easily with nothing to install or setup.
  • Access a rich collection of basemaps, demographic maps, image services, and data. These maps are a great foundation for your work and are created only from the authoritative content from commercial data providers and the GIS user communities around the world.

How to Access Harvard's ArcGIS Online Community

Harvard Affiliates are able to access Harvard AGOL using HarvardKey at:  (please mark this page for your future use. Your HarvarKey login will not work on the regular ArcGIS online page).

*Please note if you forget your HarvardKey credentials, please contact HUIT.

ArcGIS Online Credits: If you are hitting a credit limit for your usage of ArcGIS Online maps, please use the REQUEST FORM. Select "Request Access To: ArcGIS Online Credit" on the form and provide us with the URL of your Harvard-based project in the MESSAGE section.

Get Help: The ArcGIS Online Resources pages are a valuable learning resource. Learn how it works and what you can create and share.