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ESRI Business Analyst Online

Business Analyst Online is intended for commercial audiences focused primarily on site selection. It is a lighter package than Business Analyst ArcGIS Extension for desktop use. It is available to Harvard Affiliates only.

Note: Any user who requests to access Esri Business Analyst Online is required to register in ArcGIS Online first.

How to Access Business Analyst Online (BAO)
1. Please fill out the request form below, and make sure you choose "Require Access to: ArcGIS Business Analyst Online" from the picklist.

  • If you already have a Harvard ArcGIS Online account. Please tell us your ArcGIS Online username in the "Message" Box of the request form below. We will add you to the BAO group.
  • If you don't have a Harvard ArcGIS Online account. Please go here:

2. Once registered, you can proceed to the applications at any time via these links:
Business Analyst Online, log in at
BAO API, visit the ArcGIS Resource Center at