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Google Maps API for Work

Google Maps API for Business is to visualize location based data or engage your customers with embedded interactive maps. There are important differences between Google Maps API for Business and the Free Maps APIs.

Google Maps API for Business allows you to:

  • Explore worldwide high resolution imagery, Google Maps Street View panoramas, and international road and POI coverage, without investing in base map data.
  • Develop mapping applications that run natively on mobile phones or within a phone's browser.
  • Use the same Google Maps API code for phones and desktops, saving time on writing code for multiple browsers.

Since 2017, the site license has been upgraded to Google Map APIs Premium. Please note that users of Google Map API Premium must conform to the updated TERMS OF SERVICE defined here.

To access to this software:

Please fill out the request form below, make sure you choose "Require Access to: Google Map API from Business" from the picklist.