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Making the Most of the ArcGIS Platform - Workshop by Esri

September 25, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Northwest Building (52 Oxford St., Cambridge) Room B-129.

Instructors:  Derek Law, Technology Evangelist, Esri Apps Product Management team, and Geri Miller, Solutions Engineer, Esri Education Outreach team.

  • Open to anyone (limited to the first 30 registrants).
  • Use your own laptop, OR a provided workstation
  • You can attend one or all of the sections below:

1) ArcGIS Platform (9:00 - 10:00 a.m): In this session we’ll discuss the ArcGIS Platform and how it can be used to deploy the Web GIS pattern – both in the cloud and in your own infrastructure. The ArcGIS software product portfolio will be presented in context of the overall platform, as well as how they integrate and work together. Concepts such as the geoinformation model, the web map, and web scenes will also be discussed.

2) Insights for ArcGIS (10:15 - Noon): In this hands-on session we’ll explore the Insights for ArcGIS app – a new app which enables iterative and exploratory analysis of your spatial or non-spatial data. Insights provides an intuitive technology with a simple drag-and-drop UI, which enables information to be easily extracted from data. Students will learn about various data sources to utilize within Insights, and will practice different methods of analyzing the data. The deployment options for Insights for ArcGIS will also be discussed. 


-  Visualize data through interactive maps, charts and tables
-  Conduct spatial analytics to answer questions of your data
-  Share your results with others

3) Esri Mobile Field Apps (1:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.): This is a practical hands-on session where students will learn about Esri’s mobile field Apps strategy. An overview will be presented, followed by a discussion on the detailed workflow to perform data collection in the field. Students will learn how to leverage ArcGIS Online to create a hosted feature layer, then use Collector for ArcGIS to collect map-centric field data. Next, students will use Survey123 for ArcGIS to collect form-centric field data. Participants will perform these tasks and “play” with the software. After performing data collection in the field, you will be shown options on how to present your data results using the configurable application templates and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

- Create a new hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online, based on a template
- Collect field data with Collector for ArcGIS: point, line, polygon – based on map data
- Create a survey form with Survey123 for ArcGIS web designer, will be shown Survey123 Connect
- Collect field data with Survey123 for ArcGIS – a form based field data collector
- See how the field data can be “presented” in a web app, with the configurable app templates and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.