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IDRISI Tutorial Videos

Clark Labs is pleased to announce a new tutorial video series that will be hosted on its website. This online learning resource complements the wide range of materials that are provided with the software. The goal of the video series is to provide quick-start references on a variety of the utilities and functionality within IDRISI, and in most cases, they will be between 5-10 minutes in length.

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Video # 1: Creating Projects and Setting the Environment This tutorial provides a short introduction to the IDRISI software and shows how to define your environment settings and create your first project with the IDRISI Explorer utility. These steps are strongly recommended before utilizing the IDRISI software.

Video # 2: Introduction to Land Change Modeler This tutorial provides an introduction to the Land Change Modeler application within IDRISI (also available as an extension for ArcGIS). The Land Change Modeler allows you to analyze, measure, and project the impacts of land change on habitat and biodiversity. This video explores some of the functionality of the Change Analysis tab, specifically tools for the rapid assessment of change, the evaluation of gains and losses, net change, persistence, and specific transitions both in map and graphical form.

Video # 3: Predicting Land Cover Change with Land Change Modeler This tutorial guides the user through the stages involved in the land change prediction process within Land Change Modeler. The video explores the tools within the Transition Potential and Change Prediction tabs for evaluating historic change, relating such change to driver variables and making predictions for the future.

Video # 4: Time Series Analysis with IDRISI's Earth Trends Modeler This tutorial provides an introduction to the Earth Trends Modeler application within IDRISI for the analysis of trends and their dynamic characteristics. The Earth Trends Modeler includes a wealth of data mining tools for image time series. This video provides an overview of the functionality within this application.

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