ArcGIS Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap) enables you to create, organize, analyze,  publish and share geographic information, tools, and maps.  

This software is available to Harvard Affiliates only.

Please follow the installation instruction below to download, install, and activate your copy of ArcGIS for Desktop. 

1. Download the core installation file listed below in the download section.  This is the most important, and perhaps the only software installation file you will need.  Once downloaded, double click to run it.  Accept the "master agreement" and choose the "Complete" installation option.  Click "Next" several times to accept the default installation options and install the software.

2. Determine if you need a Concurrent or Single-use license, see the pro's and con's below. 

  • Concurrent Use License (within Harvard network)
    Pros: (1) There is no need to renew your software license. (2) All ArcGIS for Desktop extensions are authorized automatically.
      Cons: Your machine must be connected to the Harvard network directly or through a Harvard VPN (Internet connection required).
  • Single-use License (off Harvard network)
    Pros: The software will work with any network connection, or no connection at all. 
    Cons:  (1) You need to request a new license code once a year. (2) Some of the ArcGIS for Desktop extensions require a separate license code.

3. License your software:

Note: The download section below also included a list of additional components. We suggest that you only install the one(s) you know for sure you will need. Contact the CGA if you need additional components on the list.

Download the current version (HUID required):


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