CSCI E-8 - Web GIS: Technologies and Applications

Web GIS, the combination of the web and geographic information systems (GIS), is a new and promising field. It has extended the power of GIS from local servers to the cloud, and put online maps and geospatial intelligence in the offices of millions and the hands of billions. This course aims to provide students with the essential knowledge needed for managing web GIS projects, teach students the latest geospatial cloud technologies needed for building modern web GIS applications, and inspire students with real world case studies. This course focuses on Esri's web GIS platform, the most widely used GIS technology in government and business information systems. Technologies taught in this course include cloud GIS (ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise), browser-based web apps (ArcGIS web app templates, Story Maps, Web AppBuilder, and Operations Dashboard), mobile GIS apps (Collector, Survey123, and Tracker), 3D web scenes, imagery services, spatial analysis, and the basics of ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Internet of things, big data analysis, and virtual and augmented reality are also discussed in the context of web GIS. Access to Harvard ArcGIS Online and other ArcGIS software is provided.

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Instructor: Pinde Fu