The CGA professional staff  has expertise in geospatial technologies across a range of scales, applications, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platforms, including spatial data collection, geodatabase design, GIS data processing, spatial analysis, network analysis, geostatistics, remotely sensed image analysis, 3D and temporal data manipulation, cartography, web mapping, GIS system development, open source GIS, spatiotemporal big data analytics and cloud computing with GIS, as well as outsourced geospatial service oversight and project management. CGA staff conducts and supports research with geographic analysis and geospatial technologies in collaboration with scholars across the schools and divisions of Harvard. 

For more information on CGA's research capabilities and activities on:

  • geospatial data science, please see details here.
  •  remote sensing image analysis, please see details here.

For researchers interested in collaboration with the CGA, please see details on our research consultation page.

Find out more about completed projects and ongoing research in our Research Portfolio and the CGA Publications.