The CGA can help you learn GIS in many ways, including courses for credit, workshops for non-credit, live and self-learning.

Credit Courses @ Harvard

Learn about the many GIS Related and Spatial Analysis Courses offered each semester in areas such as public health, archaeology, social and environmental policy, operational GIS, and more.   See Credit Courses being offered.

Non-Credit Training @ CGA

Guest Lectures and Customized Curriculum: The CGA provides guest lectures for specific research groups on a routine basis.  The CGA also creates and teaches customized geospatial curriculum for credit courses and workshops on state-of-art GIS technologies including but not limited to:

  • Geospatial analysis and visualization
  • Geospatial Databases (PostGIS, Heavy.ai)
  • Programming for Geospatial (R/Python)
  • Cloud/Cluster based GIS tools (Geospatial on AWS, FASRC, NERC)
  • Handling Geospatial Big Data using Data Science methods

See a list of these activities on our Guest Lectures page. 

Self-Led and Video Tutorials

Many self-led tutorials on ArcGIS, ArcGIS Onine, QGIS, R and more are on the CGA FAQ page.

GIS @ Harvard Libraries provides tutorials, resources, help-desk style assistance, and more.

Previous CGA Workshops are presented in a self-guided Video Tutorial Series.

Browse the list of GIS Tutorials and Books available on campus, learn from topics addressed at CGA Seminar Series and on the CGA's Technical Blog. See also our Publications page and the CGA's Annual Conference pages for additional learning materials.

Esri provides a wealth of learning materials such as

See also: Teaching