ERDAS Imagine

ERDAS® IMAGINE performs advanced remote sensing analysis and spatial modeling to create new information that lets you visualize your results in 2D, 3D, movies, and on cartographic-quality map compositions. 

Harvard’s site license agreement includes the basic components of Imagine, ERMapper and Photogrammetry products.

This software is available to Harvard Affiliates only. To get credentials for accessing the Download Links section below, you need to login with your HUID/HarvardKey here: Software Access (click).

Supported Licenses

  • Concurrent Use License. Licenses for these products are served within Harvard IP ranges (including WIFI and VPN connections) from:
    • Primary license server:
    • Secondary license server: 
  • Single Use License. Please fill out the single use license form in the Download Link section below to request for a license code.

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