Currently there are many options to choose from when geocoding batches of address data.  The CGA has the most expertise with the Esri and  Google geocoding services.  Please find below instructions and guidance on using these geocoding services.

Esri: Harvard Key holders have access to use the Esri World Geocoding Service, see these...

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Tracts to Text

The Tracts to Text Toolbox (TT-tool) is an ArcGIS Toolbox developed by the CGA that allows the user to select a State and extract its tracts number and all the adjacent tracts number. The result is saved as a text file. TTtool runs either with ArcGIS 9.3 and 9.2; before running it, read the one page user guide. Download it(165 MB zip) Read more about Tracts to Text

HGL Desktop Tool for ArcMap

This tool is a free extension developed by CGA and the Harvard University Library Technology Services that allows Harvard ArcMap users to search the extensive holdings of the Harvard Geospatial Library (HGL) and access the data directly from the ArcGIS software package. It currently works for ArcGIS 10.1and10.2.X.

The software is free to download, but you will need to login with your HUID/HarvardKey here: Software Access...

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Esri Maps for MS Office

Create interactive maps of your data directly inside Excel with the Esri Maps for Office add-in. Quickly map addresses or locations and other geographic data. Add the map you created in Excel as a slide to your PowerPoint presentation - as a live, interactive map. Or publish and share your map in ArcGIS Online for others to use.

Download the plug-in (after you have created an account)


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