2020 CGA Conference: From Geospatial Research to Health Solutions


Thu - Fri, Apr 30 to May 1, 12:00pm - 6:00pm


CGIS South, Belfer Case Study Room (Thursday afternoon) and Tsai Auditorium (Friday all-day)

1730 Cambridge Street, Concourse Level, Cambridge, MA 02138

Questions on the health of an individual, the health of an environment, an ecosystem, a home, a city, a nation, a continent and a planet motivates a range of geographic theories, methods, and practices. Our understanding of the health of a body has long been linked to ideas about the organization of societies and the planning of cities. New mapping technologies, forms of spatial analysis, and dynamic access to health data have presented researchers with new opportunities to inquire into the various landscapes of health. In this conference, we explore the urgent questions of health that impact our planet, enrolling the latest technologies and techniques for spatial analysis and geographic representation. We welcome multidisciplinary perspectives on health geography, medicine, public health, design, security, environmental health, and epidemiology, as well as approaches not limited to the applied, but that might inform application, to include the historical, theoretical and methodological, opportunities for collaboration, cooperation and governmental involvement, among others.

This event is free and open to the public.

Preliminary Program

Note: The registration form is Harvard centric, but non-Harvard people are welcome to register and attend this event too. Please select "non-Harvard" in the pick lists, and enter "NA" if you are not working with any Harvard faculty.


Center for Geographic Analysis


Harvard Data Science Initiative

Institute for Quantitative Social Science

NSF I/UCRC Spatiotemporal Innovation Center


 Image sources on logo image left to right: Top row: Artificial intelligence concept graphic [Shutterstock], Access to health clinic in Lesotho map [Harvard CGA], Dr. John Snow image [Wikipedia]. Middle row: Heart rate graphic [Public Domain Pictures]; Tanzania travel time to clinic [Harvard CGA]; Heart disease in USA [Wikipedia]; GPS locations in neighborhood [Harvard CGA]. Bottom row: GPS air pollution mapping in Boston, MA [Harvard CGA], Ebola health care workers in West Africa [PBS Newshour]; Virus graphic [Freepic]. Composite image editors: Yuting Chen and Jeff Blossom.

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