Employment Opportunity for Recent Graduates at U.S. Census Bureau


Sunday, September 15, 2019, 12:00pm


Suitland, MD

The Population Division of the U.S. Census Bureau has employment opportunities for qualified graduates in geography and related fields.

A posting for recent graduates (typically, people who have graduated within the past two years) opens today, September 9, and will only remain open until 100 applications have been received. To apply, please visit USAjobs.gov and enter “Census Bureau” in the keyword search to see current postings and complete an application, or go directly to the posting page:


We are looking for well-qualified people with training in geographic information systems, population geography or demography, urban geography, and remote sensing/satellite image analysis, among other specialties.

Salaries reflect experience and the level of education completed. All positions require U.S. citizenship.
Jobs are located at Census HQ in the Washington, DC, area. Census HQ is located next to a subway station.

Openings offer qualified applicants an opportunity to work on a range of projects, including: analyzing and mapping the distribution of population and population change globally and in the U.S.; geo-demographic activities using statistical units such as metropolitan areas, counties, states, and their foreign equivalents; producing population estimates for other countries and studying their demographic characteristics at various geographic scales; and developing image analysis methodologies for high-resolution population mapping.

This is an exciting time for the U.S. Census Bureau, and specifically the Population Division. Please forward this email to recent graduates, students who will graduate soon, or others who may be interested in working at the Census Bureau. For more information about the agency, including position opportunities, look under “About Us” on our website at Census.gov.
If you or your students have questions about work in the Population Division, please contact us: Joshua.Comenetz@census.gov or James.D.Fitzsimmons@census.gov.

For specific questions about available positions and ways of applying for them, please contact David Zaslow at David.C.Zaslow@census.gov or 301-763-6195.

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