How to link to Google Street View images from points in ArcGIS Online

Embedding a link to show Google Streetview images for a point location can be accomplished by using configure pop-up for a point layer in an ArcGIS Online.  To do this for a desired point layer in your ArcGIS Online map:

1. Click the more options (looks like three dots)  button next to the layer and choose Configure Pop-up

2. Under Attribute Expressions, click the ADD button, and paste the Arcade code found in this text file into the window. 

3. Change the name of the Expression by clicking Edit at the top, and enter "Street View".

4. Click OK and OK to save your changes and return to the map. 

Now, when clicking on a point on the map there will be an attribute named "Street View" with a hyperlinked "more info" to click on.  When clicking on this, Google Streetview for that location will open in another browser window.

Note that if there is no Google Streetview imagery available at a point location, the image will just be a black screen.  See the working example at this on a test map of random locations in the Dayton, Ohio area.  Note that point #2 is in a rural area with no Street View, so a black image is displayed when clicking the more info link.  If this happens, click the streetview map in the lower left and drag the orange icon to a blue line - these are areas with streetview coverage.

Another web map that utilizes this techology is Confederate Monuments in the United States, made by Jason Ur for the Harvard course Can We Know Our Past?  Click on a monument, and then the Google Streetview link within each pop-up window will display Streetview in a new browser tab.