How to make payments to CGA

For payments to the CGA, including training workshop and GIS institute registrations, plotter usage, GPS damage reimbursement, service invoiced, etc., please choose among the following options:

1)   Harvard Internal Payments using Department/Program Billing Code 

If a Harvard department or program is paying the cost, please use the Contact CGA form and put “Payment to CGA” in the SUBJECT field. In the MESSAGE field enter the reason for payment (such as the training workshop name or the GPS unit model), the amount due, and the Harvard 33-digit code that you have permission to charge to. Please fill out the rest of the form as required, so that we can confirm receipt of your payment.

2)  Bank wire transfer

Bank name: Bank of America 
Bank identifier number (ABA): 026-009-593 
Harvard account number: 53137234 
Harvard account name: President and Fellows of Harvard College 
Bank address: 100 Federal Street, Boston, MA, 02110 USA 
SWIFT Code (for international transfers): BOFAUS3N 
Required memo text: for CGA (James Piskule 617-496-6514) 

Please use the Contact CGA form to submit transaction confirmation from your bank once you have made the payment. This enables the CGA to find your payment from the university-wide incoming transactions pool.

Note: Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we can not accept paper check or cash at this time. We ask that all outside vendors please pay by bank wire. If you are internal to Harvard please pay by 33 digit code. Please direct any billing questions or concerns to Linda Christlieb [lchristlieb @] or James Piskule [jpiskule @].

CGA cannot accept payment by credit cards or Crimson cards. 5% of training registration payment is non-refundable in case of cancellation prior to the beginning of class, 100% non-refundable once class begins.