GeoInquiries for teaching Map-Based Concepts

Esri GeoInquiries for schools are short, standards-based inquiry activities for teaching map-based concepts found in commonly used textbooks, mainly for K-12 classroom use.  The CGA has made available all the GeoInquiries modules in the Harvard ArcGIS Online Organizational account.  They are available from the Content tab for all members in the organization, and updates by Esri will be reflected as they become available.

GeoInquiry collections are available for American LiteratureMathematicsWorld History, as well as Earth ScienceHuman GeographyUS HistoryElementaryEnvironmental science and biology.

American Literature GeoInquiries

Mathematics GeoInquiries

World History GeoInquiries

To access all of these modules (you will need Harvard credentials), visit For more information about GeoInquiries, see

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