QGIS Workshop and Video Tutorials

The QGIS Workshop is web-based tool for learning the basic tasks in QGIS.    See also the series of video modules in QGIS linked from the Workshop pages or listed below.

1.  User Interface, Open Layers, Selection Youtube

2.  Selection Tools Youtube

3.  Projections, Adding CSV, & Heatmap Youtube

4.  Point in Polygon  Youtube

5.  Table Join, Spatial Join, and using CSVT  Youtube

6.  Distance Matrix and Summary Join  Youtube

7.  Buffer, Difference, Clip  Youtube

8.  Georeferencing Historical Maps  Youtube

9.  Cartography Tutorial for Print and Web Youtube

10. Editing Vector Layers  (version 1.7)  Youtube

11.  Batch Reprojection with Processing  Youtube

12.  Using R within QGIS  Youtube

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