Research Consultation

The CGA offers GIS consultations to those with a valid Harvard ID.     
Please Contact the CGA with your Research Consultation inquiries.

For a typical GIS analysis or mapping project, a CGA staff member meets with the researcher(s) to define their project goal and the scope of work required to achieve the goal.  For extended research tasks, work will be defined with a Project Specification. Based on the agreed upon Project Specification, CGA staff will perform the work that may include making use of data provided by the researcher, gathering necessary data from other sources, processing, analyzing, mapping, platform development or other tasks for the project.  Finally, CGA will deliver the results in specified formats along with technical documentation. 

Note that there is a fee for such research consultation* (see note below for more cost details). 

See our recommendations on how to acknowledge CGA services and collaborations.

As an IQSS member organization, CGA adheres to the IQSS Confidential Information Policy.

We can help you...

Organize Data
  • Convert data from different formats
  • Work with data in different projections
  • Link spatial data to tabular data
  • Merge or disaggregate spatial datasets
Create or Edit Data
  • Add and edit points, lines, or polygons
  • Edit table attributes
  • Create and calculate new fields
  • Geocode addresses or street intersections
Analyze Spatial Data
  • Use overlay or proximity analysis tools
  • Perform geostatistical analysis
  • Perform network analysis
  • Process imagery or raster data
Present Data
  • Set symbology and display parameters
  • Create effective maps
  • Render surface or 3D data
  • Printing and plotting
GIS Data Science/Geospatial Big Data
  • Analyze, Scale and Visualize geospatial big data
  • Apply spatial data science to solve complex GIS problems

or bring us your ideas!

* Please note that, starting July 1st 2022, CGA provides GIS services with a flat fee of $100/hour for Harvard affiliates using Harvard University controlled internal funding or a personal fund. To be eligible for the $100/hour rate, payment must be from a Harvard account (33-digit code) or a personal account of a valid Harvard ID holder. Work paid for by external funding sources are $200/hour.