Training Workshops

The CGA offers various non-credit tranining programs during the academic year.

Training @ CGA

  • GIS Institute

    Each semester the CGA offers a two-week program of intensive training in GIS. The program is designed for Harvard graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty who want to learn spatial analysis and apply GIS methods in their research. No previous GIS training required.

  • GIS for the Humanities and Social Sciences

    This full-day workshop offers hands on instruction in basic GIS tools and techniques for scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences addressing an array of questions for both their own research interests and class pedagogy.

  • Cartography Workshop

    This full-day workshop focuses on the visual representation of geographic information. The first part will explore reference cartography, and the fundamentals of conventional reference mapping. The second part will focus on statistical thematic cartography, and the use of GIS to generate visual representations of spatial information.

  • Basic Introduction to GIS

    This two-hour workshop is offered every semester. The topics covered are: (1) What is GIS, mapping, and spatial data; (2) GIS data types and file formats; and (3) GIS analysis, problem solving, and case studies.

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