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Solar Analema Map

For teaching purposes, a map of the solar analema for U.S. time zones was made from latitude, longitude coordinates.

Border Crossing Analysis

International border crossings per country were calculated using world highways and county boundary layers for a human trafficking study.

Land Purchases by Women, 1823 - 1910

Land purchase records by Women were obtained and geocoded using the public land survey system as reference. Maps, analysis, and purchases over time animations were created. Full poster

GPS Used in Sierra Leone Field Work

Training on how to use ArcPad with a GPS was given, and a dataset containing places and administrative boundaries for Sierra Leone was assembled.

Middle East Basemap

Basemap data was compiled for a study in the Middle East


Mapping Genetic History

The CGA developed materials to geographically represent the genetic history of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., for the PBS documentary African American Lives 2, segment The Past Is Another Country. A portion of this program featured Ben Lewis of the CGA, discussing and demonstrating the mapping he created with Dr. Gates.

Click the image below to play the 3 minute video excerpt which includes two scenes spliced together (73 Mb). If you do not have a high bandwidth connection you may need to right click and save before viewing.

Life Expectancy Animations

County level data on male and female life expectancy for the years 1961 - 1999 was obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau and the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. CGA helped the researcher create an animated map showing female life expectancy through this time period for Washington State.

Historical Country Boundaries

Historical map images of world boundaries each decade from 1940 – 2000 were downloaded from Wikipedia, vectorized into shapefile format, and attributed with country names.

River and Land Basemap Creation

A basemap depicting the Mystic, Hudson, Charles, and Mohegan river locations was created for overlay

Boston Foreclosure Geocoding

Addresses of foreclosed properties were geocoded.


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