Political Geography of Child Malnutrition in India

CGA consolidated (more than 600,000) of India’s districts, sub-districts and villages against assembly constituencies and parliamentary constituencies, then proportionally distributed and aggregated area and population across different data layers.

The resulting datasets was used to combine and analyze health data at the village, sub-district, or district level with voting data at the AC and PC level.

Investigator:  S V Subramanian, Social and Behavioral Science, HSPH

Research Staff:  Jeff Blossom, Lex Berman, Xiuyuan Zhang


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U.S. Air Pollution Modeling

CGA created maps that display PM 2.5 and Ozone for the US by County from 2000 - 2012, which involved cross-tabulation of monitoring sites within  county boundaries.

Investigators:  Francesca Dominici and Christine Choirat, Department of Biostatistics, HSPH

Research Staff:  Fei Carnes, Jeff Blossom


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