ArcGIS Enterprise

Warning of security vulnerability in ArcGIS Server (prior to version 10.8), posted on April 2,2020.

ArcGIS Enterprise, the next evolution of the ArcGIS Server product line, is a full-featured mapping and analytics platform. It includes a powerful GIS web services server plus dedicated Web GIS infrastructure for organizing and sharing your work in order to make maps, geographic information, and analyses available on any device, anywhere, at any time.

The ArcGIS Enterprise product includes the following software components that are designed to work together:

  • ArcGIS Server—the core web services component for making maps and performing analysis.
  • Portal for ArcGIS—allows you to share maps, applications, and other geographic information with other people in your organization.
  • ArcGIS Data Store—lets you configure data storage for hosting and federated servers used with your deployment.
  • ArcGIS Web Adaptor—allows you to integrate your ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS with your existing web server and your organization's security mechanisms.

This software is available to Harvard Affiliates only. You will need to login with your HarvardKey/HUID here: Software Access page to get credentials for downloading it from the Download Links section below. 

Download Links:

ArcGIS Server for Windows 10.8

Web adapter IIS for ArcGIS Server 10.8

Portal for ArcGIS Windows 10.8

ArcGIS DataStore Windows 10.8


List of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 for Windows components

Request for License:

Please fill out the "License Request Form" below, choose "ArcGIS Enterprise" from the picklist. In the "Additional message (optional)" box, please enter the following information (required):

1. A brief statement of your research goal.
2. The particular software component(s) you need a license for.
3. The location and hosting environment of your server.
4. A rough estimation of the size of your dataset and usage load, for example:
    a) number of data layers;
    b) volume of the database;
    c) type of client application consuming the data served;
    d) number of hits per day.
5. Any other information about your application that help us better understand your needs.

License Request Form


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