ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is the essential application for creating and working with spatial data on your desktop. It provides tools to visualize, analyze, compile, and share your data, in both 2D and 3D environments. See ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start Tutorials.

This software is available to Harvard Affiliates only. Please follow the installation instruction below to download, install and authorize your license. 

Starting from April 2020, ArcGIS Online users may download the newest version of ArcGIS Pro installer directly from their AGOL profile. 

1. Login to Harvard ArcGIS Online using your HarvardKey at: using these instructions

2. Download the ArcGIS Pro installer using these instructions.

3. When first using ArcGIS Pro, at the login prompt, click "Your ArcGIS Organization's URL" and enter Then login with your HarvardKey.

New Harvard ArcGIS Online users have ArcGIS Pro Named User License by default, including all extensions. Earlier users - If your Harvard ArcGIS Online account does not have an ArcGIS Pro license assigned to it, you may contact the CGA to request for one. Please enter your Harvard ArcGIS Online account ID in the request message.


Instructions prior to April 2020:

1. Obtain the software access Login and Password by clicking here.  You will need to login with your HUID/HarvardKey to access the Login and Password.

2. Download the installation file(s) below.  Enter the Login and Password obtained in step 1.  Once downloaded, double click the file to install the software on your computer.

3. Determine the license type you want, and follow the appropriate instructions below to authorize your license for the software.

License Options: ArcGIS Pro offers the following three types of licenses. Check on the Esri licensing page to decide which license suits your needs.

  • Named User (Use HarvardKey / Harvard ArcGIS Online account to login) -- Please refer to Access Esri Services (ArcGIS Pro, BAO, CAO, etc.) using HarvardKey. If your ArcGIS Online account does not have an ArcGIS Pro license assigned to it, you may contact the CGA to request for one. 
  • Concurrent Use -- Please refer to ArcGIS Pro 2.X Licensing Instruction.
  • Single Use -- You will need to fill out the Single-use License Request Form to obtain the license code. To apply the code, start ArcGIS Pro, on the initial Sign In prompt, skip the Enterprise Login and click the bottom link “Configure your licensing options”, then select “Single Use License” from the “License Type” pull down menu, and enter the license code you received. In the above Licensing Instruction on how to set “concurrent use license”, step one is the same as for setting “single-use license”.

When using ArcGIS Pro with either the Concurrent Use or the Single Use license options, if you need to connect to ArcGIS Online to access content or tools online, you may login to your ArcGIS Online account from ArcGIS Pro following this instruction. Users with a HarvardKey has an account in Harvard's ArcGIS Online Organization (

Download links:

Note: The download section above includs the most commonly requested components. We suggest that you only install the one(s) you know for sure you will need. Contact the CGA if you need additional components not provided above.

Note on upgrading to 2.5.  If you have ArcGIS Pro installed and are experiencing errors when upgrading to version 2.5, this tutorial may help.

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