ESRI DEV Summit 2019 (March 5-9) Conference Notes

by Giovanni Zambotti

ArcPro Virtualization using Amazon AppStream 2.0 that is a fully managed application streaming service (, (

ArcGIS Notebook Server. ArcGIS Notebooks provides an immersive, versatile interface for powerful geospatial data analysis in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. With notebooks, you can perform analysis, automate workflows, and immediately visualize data and analysis results in a geographic context. More here:

ArcGIS Enterprise AWS: List of tools to automate installation and upgrade from the most powerful to the simple one (Chef, AMI, ESRI Cloud Formation, CBCLi – command line, Server Cloud Builder, Cloud Builder GUI). Also, ESRI is working to provide a possibility to create a Private Image Build. More information about ESRI, cloud services and architecting ArcGIS Platform Best Practices (

Vector Tile Style Editor ( Design custom basemaps with the new ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor

ESRI I3S new documentation ( I3S is a container for arbitrarily large amounts of heterogeneously distributed 3D geographic data. Scene Layers are designed to be used in mobile, desktop, and server-based workflows and can be accessed over the web or as local files.

Tracker for ArcGIS (

Geodev Webinar Series (

AggieMap Texas (

Meemim ( The #1 augmented reality system for Esri GIS designed for municipalities and public utility companies. vGIS Utilities combines GIS technology with augmented reality to display infrastructure—pipes, lines, cables and other assets—in-field and in real time.

Safegraph (

Fishidy (