ESRI Business Analyst Online

Business Analyst Online is intended for commercial audiences focused primarily on site selection. It is a lighter package than Business Analyst ArcGIS Extension for desktop use. It is available to Harvard Affiliates only.

Note: Any user who requests to access Esri Business Analyst Online is required to register in ArcGIS Online first.

How to Access Business Analyst Online (BAO)

  • If you don't have a Harvard ArcGIS Online account. Please go here to create one first: New users will automatically be granted access to BAO.
  • If you already have a Harvard ArcGIS Online account but don't have access to BAO, please do the following: 
    • fill out the Request Form below. Make sure to tell us your ArcGIS Online username in the "Additional message" box on the request form, and choose "Require Access to: ArcGIS Business Analyst Online" from the picklist.
    • CGA staff will invite your ArcGIS Online account to the BAO group, and assign you a BAO license.
    • You need to login to ArcGIS Online and confirm joining the BAO group.
  • You may then proceed to the BAO application at any time via the links below:

ArcGIS Business Online Request Form

How to Access BAO Using HarvardKey

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