How to acknowledge CGA services and collaborations

Acknowledgement: To aid us in tracking the impact of our consulting and support services, we request that you include a short acknowledgement in your publications and/or talk. Such support may include but is not limited to:

  • Project planning: study design and tools
  • Data organization: sharing and secure storage
  • Data processing / extraction / transformation / integration
  • Selection and interpretation of geospatial methods/algorithms
  • Using high performance computing (e.g., RCE, AWS)
  • Visualization: cartographic products, dashboards, animated maps, etc.

You may wish to amend the following text to reflect the type of support you received (e.g., programming support, technical support, data processing/analysis/extraction).

<support type> provided by <CGA staff name(s)>, Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University."

Authorship: For any intellectual contributions provided by CGA staff on a project, we advise that the staff who performs the work receives co-author credit on all resulting research output (e.g., publications, talks, posters, documents). Such contribution may include but is not limited to:

  • Writing reproducible code/algorithm
  • Design and development of a geospatial model
  • Visualization of raw data and model output
  • Interpretation of results
  • Writing methods and results sections of papers
  • Creating maps / illustrations
  • Responding to peer-reviews of our analyses

We encourage you to email your publication titles to contact @, so we can include them in our list of research output.