Geographic Calculator

Geographic Calculator is a Global Coordinate Transformation tool by Blue Marble Geographics.

Download Geographic Calculator

Installation and license instructions

After installation, Geographic Calculator users will need to update the settings.xml file. Download the appropriate settings file below and save it as "settings.xml file" in "C:\ProgramData\Blue Marble Geographics\Geographic Calculator x64\", overwrite the existing file in there. This will only need to be done once per machine if a machine has multiple users logging into it.

First login with your HUID/HarvardKey here: Software Access to get the credentials to the download site).

Harvard site license servers (support versions 2020 and prior):

  • Primary license server:, port: 27010
  • Backup license server:, port: 27010

Only computers on the Harvard network (LAN or VPN) can access the site license server.

Note that this software is licensed for use for teaching purposes only at Harvard University, and that any funded research or commercial use of the Software is strictly prohibited.

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