Maps about 2019-nCoV on ArcGIS Online

February 5, 2020
  • The JHU CSSE dashboard (link) – This is the most popular and was the first out, so it has 87M of the views. It has been featured on CNN, PBS, Fox News and Nature, among others. There is also a mobile version (link).
  • Oklahoma Early Alert Dashboard (link) – includes airport suspensions, options to sort by country
  • Distribution of pneumonia - New CoronaVirus Infections - JavaScript app (link) - Source: Esri China, Linked In post (link)
  • Hong Kong Government (link) – includes buildings and quarantine, also confirmed + cases
  • Web AppBuilder from the UN showing a 3D visualization of the spread of Wuhan Virus (link)
  • Mapping the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak story map! populated in real time. The visualizations reflect the best known information about coronavirus from a variety of data sources. Readers get a solid snapshot of the outbreak on first visit and see virus updates when they return. (link) (Tweet)
  • World Health Organization published a public facing dashboard on the current status of the Corona Virus (link).
  • Map of an unknown source, appears to be in Lithuanian (link). It’s got over 500k views.

Source: Recommended by Estella Geraghty of Esri. See the Tech Republic article where she was quoted in (link).