Plotter and Poster Printing Services

The CGA offers large format map and poster printing services on our HP DesignJet Z5400 plotter, for any Harvard ID holder.

Plot Size: Up to 42” wide by any length, color.

Format: PDF format in your desirable dimension to be printed, uploaded online or with flash drive.

Cost: Cost per linear foot, rounded to the nearest foot:
           $5.00 / foot for regular stock paper.
           $10.00 / foot for glossy paper.

Form of Payment: Cash, or checks payable to “Harvard University”, or a 33 digit Harvard account code.

Availability: Service available only to valid Harvard ID holders.

Scheduling: Typically 2- 4 business days, subject to availability of CGA staff. Give advance notice for large orders.

Transporting Posters: There are 2 poster tubes available for temporary use. The 1st is a plastic telescopic tube. The second tube is a 48" white cardboard tube. Please Email CGA to request use of these map tubes.

How to Use: Email us to use the service.

  • Check the plot on screen to make sure the PDF converter included all fonts.
  • Do a thorough screen review to ensure plot is the final version, and what you want to pay for.
  • All plots will be paid for, unless there is a plotter error, out of ink, etc.
  • Only appropriate, Harvard related material for academic use may be plotted.

Print out these guidelines.

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