Seminar Series

Geography Colloquium series
The CGA hosts the Harvard Geography Colloquium in which we invite leading academics to present cutting edge geographic research. The Colloquium series is organized by Jeff Blossom.

ABCD-GIS series
As part of the Harvard-wide ABCD technology sharing initiative, CGA sponsors technical talks on GIS and spatial analysis research topics. For this brown-bag lunch series we invite speakers from across the spectrum of geography, cartography, spatial analytics, 3-D modeling and geo-visualization. The ABCD-GIS series is organized by Jeff Blossom.

China GIS series

The CGA hosts a seminar series primarily for visiting scholars and fellows from China, so that they can exchange research ideas and results using the Chinese language. Some CGA staff members who can speak Chinese will introduce CGA projects and technologies through this forum too. We invite anyone who can understand Chinese and is interested in the topics to attend.

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