Esri Data and Maps for ArcGIS

Data and Maps for ArcGIS (previously called Esri Data & Maps) contains many types of map data at many scales of geography.

Most of the Data and Maps for ArcGIS collection can also now be accessed online directly. There are two ways to access ArcGIS data online. From ArcGIS Desktop applications, choose File > Add Data > Add Data From ArcGIS Online and search for the data you want to access. If you search for the Data and Maps for ArcGIS group, you can browse through all the datasets it contains. Alternatively, you can access ArcGIS online content in your web browser...

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Esri Business Analyst Data

Esri Business Analyst Data Package for the United Stated is accessible to Harvard affiliates only. The CGA has Esri Business Analyst Data packages published from year 2006 to current, which includes Demographic Data, Business Locations, Major Shopping Centers, Consumer Spending, Segmentation Data, and Street Data. To know more about this data package, please click...

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